Matcha Mylkbar

Smashing all misconceptions surrounding vegan food, Matcha Mylkbar – Australia’s first matcha café – is starting conscious conversations all over Melbourne.

Packing plenty of personality, this quirky brunch spot exudes purposeful spirit without taking life too seriously. There are tearable jokes (tear one from the page stuck to the bathroom wall), mindfulness colouring mats and #hashtags galore complimenting Matcha Mylkbar’s unique concept and contagious style.

It’s a modern magnetism Melbourne can’t get enough of.

Having only opened a little over a week ago, St. Kilda’s newest vegan café has been SO popular, they’ve sold out of food almost everyday.

Beachside Breakfast Bowl

Beachside Breakfast Bowl

Brought to you by the intentions of Nic Davidson and Sarah Holloway (founders of Matcha Maiden) and in partnership with Mark and Attil Filippelli, the superbly instagrammable mylkbar brings a new ethos to plant-based dining.

The philosophy behind Matcha Mylkbar is that throughout history, certain groups of people seem to have inherited longevity and increased happiness through the consumption of a primarily plant-based diet, clean air and water, and a continuously active lifestyle.

“Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances of survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet”  – Albert Einstein

Matcha Mylkbar’s menu is simple – emphasising diverse and experimental combinations of flavour that work synergistically to inspire health and the palate.

And of course, there’s plenty of matcha! A concentrated form of green tea, matcha contains 137 times the antioxidant power of regular green tea and is impressively versatile. Pick your perfect matcha – whether in a Matcha Maiden Matcha Latte, Matcha Soft Serve, Matcha Burger Bun or the Matcha Pancakes. There’s no way you’ll be leaving without your matcha fix!

Their original recipe Vegan Egg is bringing in a generous helping of fanfare. Reminiscent in taste and texture, and with the same nutritional value and protein content as a traditional egg, it is completely plant-based. Enjoy your eggs with sides a la vegan. Think Mushroom Bacon, Eggplant Balls, Almond Feta or Edible Seaweed.


If you prefer to start you day with something sweet, do like they do in LA and try a Breakfast Bowl. A kaleidoscope of colour, flavour and nutrition, these bowls are super photogenic – just ask the hundreds of social media users posting pics everyday.

Inspired by an ideology of ethical sustainability and balanced health, Matcha Mylkbar’s whole concept shows clear intent and attention to detail each step of the way. You can feel the love and it’s impossible to not love it back.

“We salute our middle fingers towards unethically treated and unsustainable mass-produced meats.”
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72 Acland St, St. Kilda
VIC 3182

(03) 9534 1111