Meat Free Week

Plants can only be as healthy as the soil, animals can only be as healthy as the plants and we can only be as healthy as the animals and plants that we eat.

Australian’s eat 111.5kg of meat per person every year. The world average is 41.9kg per person each year. We are the third biggest meat eaters in the world.

I am no longer a vegetarian, but I do think it is incredibly important for us to take responsibility for how much meat we do eat and where it comes from, to ensure the animal’s cycle of life is as healthy and humane as possible. A little awareness and a moment of thought into the dramatic reality of the meat industry’s morality may encourage an appreciation for our planet and the animals we share her with. When you wholly realise the extent of cruelty we as humans have allowed to fall upon another living being, it is impossible, from where I stand ethically anyway, to not want to assist in the progression of positive change.

The U.N. has identified the livestock industry as one of the most significant contributors to today’s serious environmental problems. Meat production takes a heavy toll on our natural resources. Did you know that the world’s major fishing areas have reached or exceeded their natural limits, yet one third of the world’s fish catch is fed directly to livestock? Growing the amount of grain needed to feed factory farmed animals has a weighty environmental impact as well, potentially putting the future of our global food sources in peril.

This disrespect for nature and disregard for our fellow conscious, living beings which we share the earth, all comes down to the control and commodifying of nature. It seems fairly far fetched to wish for a reversal of the tragic trend of factory farming and GMO crops, but an informed choice on what you choose to eat can be claimed. Recognising the profound ecological, physical and metaphysical connections between all life on this planet and honouring the unity and coexistence between all things are enough reason for me to speak out against this detrimental system and inspire a more ethical approach to health.

Being only one week until Meat Free Week, a campaign encouraging us to think about how much meat we eat an the impact eating meat has on your health, the environment and the animals, I thought I’d share some of my favourite plant based meals to animate the energy within those of you enlivened to create a change.

A common misconception amongst meat eaters is that a meal without meat will leave them feeling hungry and dissatisfied, this is almost certainly a limiting belief that blocks exploration into the diversity and creativity of plant based meals. Incorporating good quality proteins like nuts, beans, legumes, seeds, cheeses and yoghurt initiate satiety whilst adding dimensions that build on flavour and texture.


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