Spring Clean

Although it doesn’t feel like it today, spring is fast approaching. To inspire for the months ahead, I thought I’d share a few ways to spring clean your body to have you feeling freshly cleansed come the change of season. A detox doesn’t have to be something we think of every now and again when we start to feel a little off and in need of rejuvenation. I believe that we should always be trying to detoxify not only our bodies, but also our lives. Welcome new experiences and opportunities and become aware of what is not serving you well anymore. Take active steps everyday to ensure your body is in a constant state of flow and rid yourself of all things toxic.

Eat whole, organic foods By choosing to eat unprocessed, natural foods in their original form, you are nourishing your body the way nature intended. By eating this way, you can avoid the chemicals, additives and preservatives found in processed foods.

Incorporate detoxifying foods The liver and kidneys act as the body’s filtration system. To aid in cleansing these organs incorporate parsley, coriander, dandelion root, licorice root, cayenne, turmeric, garlic, lemon, grapefruit, sea vegetables, artichokes, beets, chlorella and milk thistle into the diet.

Drink plenty of water We are made up of approximately 70% water, so replenishing that water is essential for every function in the body. Water moves energy throughout the body and carries nutrients and oxygen to all cells.

Breathe properly Our bodies are designed to release toxins through breathing by exhaling carbon dioxide, the natural waste of the body’s metabolism. Breathing deeply and supplying the body with enough oxygen, releases tension, relaxes the body and mind and brings clarity. Slow down and focus on your breath.

Increase good gut bacteria The word ‘probiotic’ is a compound of two Greek words: “pro” to signify promotion of and “biotic” which means life, and by this very definition, probiotics affirm life and health. Having healthy gut flora is important for digestive health as well as maintaining overall health. Include probiotic rich foods such as yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, miso, pickles, tempeh, kimchi and kombucha tea.

Exercise Increases circulation and moves lymphatic fluid. Metabolism speeds up, breathing increases, you sweat, all of which help to dislodge and transport toxins out of the body. Deep massage is also a good way to move lymphatic waste.

Add apple cider vinegar Alkalises the body and helps detoxify the liver. Make sure to buy the raw, unfiltered, organic variety. Similarly, start each day with warm glass of water with the juice of ½ a lemon.

Sip on herbal teas Teas are a wonderful way to integrate mind-body medicine. Be guided towards herbs that are appropriate for you and enjoy their therapeutic qualities. Green, black, white and oolong tea are all high in antioxidants which to help neutralise toxins. Dandelion and nettle have a diuretic effect, which help to flush the liver of toxins, reduce fluid retention and aid digestion.

Eliminate toxins Caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, and processed foods are some of the obvious ones, but exposure to other hidden chemicals has a significant impact on the level of toxicity in our bodies. Cleaning products, detergents, hair care products, deodorant and cosmetics, just to name a few, contain an array of synthetic ingredients, which all add up to create toxicity in the body. Become a smart shopper, read labels, buy ethically and intelligently.

Dry body brush This technique spreads energy through the chakras, opens the pores to release stored toxins, stimulates circulation and softens deposits of hard fat below the skin and prepares them for discharge.

Be grateful Remind yourself of all the positive things in your life, notice the simple pleasures and acknowledge everything you receive.

Eat Clay The molecules in the clay contain a powerful magnetic energy, which can be used to attract and hold several types of toxins, pulling the toxins from affiliated tissues and into themselves. Dissolve about a tablespoon into water or juice and drink. Alternatively, if eating clay doesn’t appeal to you, it makes an amazing face/body mask.

Learn to meditate Achieving a state of relaxation has been linked to higher levels of ‘feel-good’ chemicals such as serotonin and to growth hormones that repair cells and tissues. It lowers the heart rate, boosts immunity and enables the body to thrive.

Listen to your body People sometimes confuse listening to the body with listening to the mind. The mind governs “should” and “shouldn’t” thought forms that have the potential to undermine the body’s natural instincts that work to keep you in a state of balance. Connect to your body, trust it will keep you safe.

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